Prayer meeting 5th may

Tonight we will be praying for local businesses. We'll work through the list below, please pray generally for: 


- The wisdom of God on how to proceed with the business.  Wisdom on the right time to access appropriate financial support, staffing decisions. Reopening/furlough etc.

- The provision of God. That the businesses would be able to access grants and favourable loans as needed. Support from the government for business running costs. Financial help for personal living costs for all staff members.


- The peace of God. That God would send His Spirit of peace to bring comfort and clear minds! That the business owners would feel the Lord's presence through this season and for trust that He will guide them. 

Following on from Sunday's talk about the Spiritual gift of 'words of wisdom'. We'll take a time listening to God for any words of wisdom for each business, which will be shared with them as appropriate. 


Basis Training.  John & Sarah Davies  - Self Defence company. Business is currently closed. Pray for finances and, being close contact work, wisdom and guidance from the gov for when they are able to start training again.


Andy Nash Accounting & Consultancy. Andy Nash - accountancy firm specialising in charties. Business is open though staff are working from home in sometimes tricky circumstances (young kids!). Pray for ongoing wisdom on how to advise their clients through this trying time for the charity sector. Help for the staff to balance working from home. Team names are: Andy, Lowri, Susie, Laura and Sarah.


Little Olive. Nico Gomez Estrella. A new, but popular, Barry-based Italian Restaurant. They've been closed for over a month. Pray for peace for the situation, financial security and knowing the right time to reopen the business.  


Go Direct School of Motoring. Rhys Gronow. Driving School. Probably one of the largest regional schools, covering from Swansea to Newport. Pray for financial security for all the instructors connected to the school. Specific advice as to when the industry may reopen. Protection against illness for both students and instructors. 


Everlasting Frames and Prints. Sara Jones. Local business that offers quality framed photographs with inspiring Bible verses. Please for God's blessing on the business, pray for a wider customer base and wisdom for Sara on how to expand the business.


Liked or shared an image that has been edited, perhaps with text added. Does the person in the image know that it has been edited and shared in this way? Is this fair to that person?


Shared a post from a business without checking the business page is official (look for the blue tick by their name)


Forwarded a prayer request without knowing whether it is true or not (eg '100 Christians about to be killed in Middle-East, pray now!', and it turns out to be fake or 8 years old)


Read something a Christian friend has shared and trusted them so believed what they have shared without looking into it yourself.


Considered how sharing something that may turn out to be fake news, or from a source you wouldn't normally want to promote etc, could affect your integrity.


Remember not all Christian Facebook pages get it right, think carefully about what you like/share from them, and check what they believe before showing to all your online friends that you endorse them.

This checklist covers just one small aspect of being a wise user of social media.


We haven't covered everything at all but our hope is that as a church we try to be wise, thinking carefully about sources before we like/follow/comment on/share.



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