Home Prayer Meeting 29.08.19
8:00 - 8:05: Start with worship
Put on/sing "Mission's Flame" by Matt Redman
8:05- 8:10: Praise God!
Praise and thank God for who He is and all that He has done!
8:10- 8:30: It's all about Alpha tonight! 
  • Pray for Alpha course starting with our taster night on Wednesday, September 18th! 
  • Pray for boldness to invite people to Alpha! As you do, God is with you! - Let's see God transform this town!
  • Pray for the slimming class that meets downstairs on the same night that they would want to join in. 
  • Pray for enough helpers and leaders
  • Pray that for God's blessing and presence and for His Holy Spirit to move throughout Alpha.
  • Pray that the launch night would be fun, lively and really shine our community value. 
  • Pray that as we invite and advertise, that word would spread, lives would be utterly transformed by the gospel! 
Pray as you feel led! Let the Holy Spirit guide your prayers.
Ask God for prophesies or words of knowledge for someone else or for the church. 
If you feel you have any prophetic words or words of knowledge then please do share it with us!



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