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Kids Church

Kids Church

At GodFirst, we absolutely adore and love the kids in our midst!

During our awesome Sunday Gatherings, kids of all ages get to be part of it. We kick off our time and worship a "kids worship song" - that they will enjoy and sing their hearts out too!

Our main goal is to make sure our kids feel like they belong to our church family. We want them to feel super relaxed and have an absolute blast!

After the worship session, it's time for the kids to head to our  kids church.


They get to dive into a world of adventure and learning, where we teach them about God's amazing word.


Our hope and prayer are that our kids grow up knowing Jesus and the gospel - that they will begin to learn the incredible wisdom found in the Bible.

Together, we're all about nurturing the faith of our little ones, helping them embrace Jesus, and enjoying an exciting journey of spiritual growth.


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