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A lot of the normal church life stuff sadly is not running currently due to the pandemic and regulations. Please have a look though to get a flavour of Godfirst :)

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Community  Groups


Church is built on community - along with 'social Sundays' there will be two main strands of Community Groups: socialising & deepening our relationship with God. 


We believe that the Christian community is attractive to people. The way that we love each other is special and appealing! Being yourself, doing the things you love, with other Christians, is a great form of evangelism. 


Social Community - this will be groups that are just for fun! Social Connect Groups will be a great introduction and way in for new members and will help build a strong community spirit.


Love going to the cinema/watching football/drinking coffee/running/going to the gym? We'll have a group for that!


Deeper Community - Love studying the bible? Intercessory prayer? Prayer walking? Spirit-led evenings of worship? We'll have Community Groups for those things as well!


Tag Teams

TAG (Twos & Threes Accountability Groups) Teams will be the main outlet of personal spiritual development within the church.


A place to meet with one or two others to pray, to read the Bible, to encourage and challenge one another.


TAG Teams will meet at a convenient time for the participants during the week. 

Sunday Gatherings

Let's make it as easy as possible for people to connect with God and us. 

We aim to be creative on a Sunday, with eating meals together,  Bible centred talks, evangelistic courses and encounters with God through prayer and worship.